Prince’s Friend Explores How We Continue Prince’s Legacy in New Prince Lives On Video

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In his latest video, YouTube channel host Prince’s Friend explores how the legacy lives on since the passing of Prince in 2016.  The video, titled, Prince Lives On: How We Continue Prince’s Legacy, looks at many different ways that his estate, record companies, associated artists, friends, and fans keep him alive.

While some people continue to mourn the loss of Prince, but Prince’s Friend is shares all the ways the artist and the man continue to live on in this world, even though he is no longer on this physical plane. These efforts to continue his legacy  include through his music and albums, his influence on the music industry, how musicians interact with record contracts, and also through Paisley Park, his home turned into a museum.

To learn more about Prince’s Friend on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

To go to Prince’s Friend YouTube channel to see over 300 originally produced videos on Prince, CLICK HERE.

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