New PF Video – Prince Vault, Music, Estate, Family, & Sony: Let’s Get it Straight

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In his latest video titled Prince Vault, Music, Estate, Family, & Sony: Let’s Get it Straight, YouTube host Prince’s Friend expresses his frustration about comments he is receiving pertaining to the current Prince re-releases and other Prince related news.

Since the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson in 2016, all eyes have been on his well known vault of unreleased music. This is the location at his Paisley Park compound where, during Prince’s life, he kept archives of his music, videos, and other such materials. It is estimated that there are hundreds of songs that Prince never gave to record companies or released independently. Although many songs have previously leaked out through bootlegged copies, Prince fans are “not so patiently” waiting for these official posthumous new releases. It has been said that there is enough unreleased material to put out one album every year for the next century.

According to the YouTube host, there’s been an increased amount of comments recently that essentially say “we don’t care about anything happening in the Prince world unless it’s new music from the vault”.  Prince’s Friend (PF) feels that this is the wrong way to think about what’s going on right now and offers a breakdown of the multiple players now involved in Prince related business. Among these players are his heirs, the estate run by Comerica, Sony Records, Legacy Records, Warner Bros Records, Paisley Park, and the Tidal music streaming service and he offers a clear explanation of the role of each of them.

YouTube’s Prince’s Friend also addresses the issue of the importance of revenue generation to keep the Prince legacy going. “If we want Prince’s legacy to be out there and spread even further and wider, then the estate is going to need to take chances,” he says. “They’re going to need to try different things.”

“I think there’s going to be a ton more news that’s going to be hitting us and we should have more positive response to the news,” continues the channel host. “We need to have a little bit more of a balanced approach as a community.”

YouTube channel host Prince’s Friend has carved out a niche for himself as a Prince Rogers Nelson historian in the entertainment industry’s world of music fandoms. His channel has over 385 originally-produced videos so far and is growing every day. The channel works independently of the Prince estate but remains aligned with the overall mission of keeping Prince’s legacy alive through explorations of his songs, albums, movies, messaging, estate news, as well as his posthumous celebration events and music releases. PF takes some deep dives into Prince’s career which spanned over five decades and looks closely at all directions of his journey.

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